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Intimidation by speed-angel Intimidation by speed-angel
the picture is placed at an elementary schools dance every student is invited weather they have a date or not, but both the guys and girl want a date at the dance, as the plan of pain courtesy of drake and kiara, drake was supposed to fake an intrest toward clover, giving him a charming atmosphere making her fall for him too, the plan was for kiara to then step in the scene and dance with drake, causing clover's innocent heart to break into a thousend peices. Reading :iconplasmatheechidna: 's story it seems kiara was a slutty bitchy character, although, i do have a tendancy to think the best of people meaning i think kiara was once nice but then twisted? plasma could u back me up if your reading this?? 
Also, I gave the two some cutsie eyes because key word- elementary school. well thats two words but WHATEVER i dont give a shit, anyway the point of it is that there little and cute. 

this is an example of bullying, btw thanks plasma for letting me borrow her bully-like character for this picture! her name is kiara. ive read plasma stories and i especially remember that drake and kiara went school jumping, their natural social skills and good looks make them especially popular giving them the upper hand, they pick a target and go in for the kill of their hearts, I'm thinking of pairing up clover with a real character instead of an FC, although i have my eye on alot of characters, so im gonna do a vote, and the top two where love intrests of clovers. 

also im thinking of her name was diffrent before she died, i mean what if she met with someone after she came back? they would realise straight away right? so by giving clover a diffrent name when she was alive they would assume its just a look-a-like, so ill come up with a few names and then do a vote..

speaking of which im either going to give her a misao like ending (the RPG horror game) meaning gets bullied, raped and then finally murderd. or she just gets bullied so much she commits suicide. clover is my prime example of a victim, so im going to be doing stories feauturing her and if plasma doesnt mind im gonna use kiara as one of the bullies after all kiara's got a reputation to keep up. so ill post something later and message a few random deviants. 

plasmatheechidna Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
cool drawing! and no problem about borrowing kiara, use her as you want :D , and its true, she was heartbroken a long time ago, ive never really looked into it though
speed-angel Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
hehe thanks :3 and yayz, im not really sure what could of twisted kiara so much but im planning to create another scenario in  which clover is the victim of kiara
plasmatheechidna Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013
awesomeness! cant wait to see it!
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December 23, 2013
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